5 Unconventional and innovative buildings

It’s fair to say that the UK isn’t necessarily well known for its architectural innovations, however we wanted to list some of our favourite quirky buildings to remind you the UK really can come out of its shell.

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Top 5 Architectural Delights in Birmingham

Since our last post about the most iconic buildings in Birmingham, a  lot has changed in this city. This is why, as Birmingham architects and lovers of innovative building structures, we decided to put together a list of some of the buildings in the city that are architectural delights right now in 2018. Continue reading “Top 5 Architectural Delights in Birmingham”

Architecture of Birmingham – points of historical interest

Birmingham is a young city, having grown rapidly as a result of the Industrial Revolution starting in the 18th century. As of 2006, there are 1946 listed buildings in Birmingham, 13 scheduled ancient monuments and 27 conservation areas. Let’s explore some of the most evident architectural phases that contradistinguish the city.

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Architectural Housing Trends of 2017

Architectural Housing Trends of 2017

It is now 2018, meaning we have another year of architectural trends to review. In this post, we will look at some of the most popular architectural housing styles and designs of 2017 and see how likely they are to stand the test of time. Continue reading “Architectural Housing Trends of 2017”

Work surge predicted from China pact

Architects have predicted a work surge all thanks to a deal made between Birmingham City Council and Chinese developer, Country Garden.

The deal is set to bring new opportunities but may also carry risks, architects have said.

Earlier on in the month, Birmingham City Council leader John Clancy signed a joint statement of investment commitment with Country Garden aiming to bring forward new housing on large development sites. The area being described by the authority as being worth ‘up to £2 billion’.

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Duties and Responsibilities of an Architect

An architect is a trained professional who is qualified to design conceptual ideas for buildings and structures along with providing advice for both aesthetic and technical elements on public or private landscapes. These concepts are then turned into the designs and plans that are used to guide the building process. Architects are trusted advisors who work holistically to merge diverse requests in a creative way, whilst always taking appeal, interest and health and safety into consideration. 

They are responsible for designing plans for a variety of building structures including homes, stores, churches and government buildings.

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Tips for Choosing an Architecture Firm

One of the most important parts of any building project is choosing the correct architect firm.

Ensuring that you have the right architect to design your building is essential. It is important that they understand the local planning rules and regulations and are up to date with the latest building regulations. If they don’t, regardless of how great their design is – if it cannot be built, your money will be wasted.

Before you search for a prospective architecture firm, make sure you know and fully understand what you want from the space you are creating.

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How to Become an Architect

To become an architect, you will need a combination of education and internship experience.

You might need to complete an architecture degree and can then move onto a hands-on internship experience with a professional architectural firm.

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Architectural Trends for 2016

The architectural trends that are set to dominate the leap year are to be modern, high-tech and efficient.

The idea is to use simple concepts when designing buildings. Architects believe that designs are transitioning into modern styles of home as global trends seem to be gravitating towards homes with cleaner lines and a lot of open space.

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Birmingham’s Sky Bar in Park Regis Hotel to Open in Spring 2016

Birmingham’s new Sky Bar in Park Regis Hotel, at Auchinleck House, began to take shape in May this year. Continue reading “Birmingham’s Sky Bar in Park Regis Hotel to Open in Spring 2016”