How to Become an Architect

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To become an architect, you will need a combination of education and internship experience.

You might need to complete an architecture degree and can then move onto a hands-on internship experience with a professional architectural firm.

Developing skills

As you work your way through education and training focus on skills you will need in order to be successful in the field. One of the most important skills you will need to hone is attention to detail, along with the ability to plan for the stability of the building structure when building which will also require price measurements.

Other skills you will need are technical abilities to prepare clear blueprints using CAD programs.

Architecture degree

A professional bachelor of architecture is the standard route to becoming an architect. Students take courses in CAD (computer-aided design), structure, maths, and physical sciences.

The internship

If you have completed an internship, you have hands-on knowledge and experience, plus this is often a necessity to getting licensed as a professional. An internship allows you to work closely with an experienced architect to understand activities such as blueprint design and analysis, planning and safety, not to mention you are getting first-hand exposure to the design and construction of buildings without having to operate alone.

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